Sunday, July 01, 2007

Why Sheffield Matters

Who would have imagined ten years ago that Britain's fifth city would be deluged under several feet of flood water with thousands stranded in homes or offices?

The shocking scenes from Sheffield in recent days bring home the reality that the world's climate is changing and that human beings have contributed to it. That much I think is now beyond dispute.

Of course, we could look at many other parts of the world for evidence of this same trend - the Australian drought, the melting of the Arctic ice caps to name but two. When disaster hits closer to home, however, the shock is even greater. Such a shock can sometimes be the catalyst we need to make personal changes.

The following links provide practical answers and resources for making the necessary changes at an individual and family level to reduce our impact on the environment. No doubt governments can and must do far more. But we each have an individual responsibility as well.

Community Recycling Network

Community Wood Recycling

Freecycle - give and receive anything locally - for free

CO2 Calculator - find out how much you really use

Naturali - free food, medicines and herbs growing wild in Britain

Veggie Garden Tips - how to grow your own

Generous - ordinary people making practical changes

Green TV - cutting edge media resources for concerned individuals

Slow Food - need I say more?

Ecovillage Network - people finding sustainable ways of building local neighborhoods

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - hard facts and figures to underpin your thinking

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