Monday, December 31, 2007

Businesses Start to Join the Re-using Revolution

Throw Place is (I think) a relatively new site which links businesses and organizations which have surplus items with charities and individuals who may want them free of charge.

The idea is very simple. A business lists an item it no longer needs. A charity can request it online and collect it free of charge.

Failing this, and after a period of time, the item then becomes "up for grabs" for individuals and businesses via the site, all free of charge.

Originating in the US, Throw Place has limited UK cover at present, though this will surely change if more users start... using it. So, tell everyone you know about it, especially those in the charitable sector and let's see the idea catch on over here.

It seems to me to be similar to the hugely successful Freecycle network but with the added input of businesses not just individuals giving away their stock. I'm reminded of the time when Orange passed onto our new church in Bristol an office load of high quality desks and filing systems free of charge (though worth several thousands of pounds). Following an upgrade at their Almondsbury headquarters, I was told that if we didn't take them "they would end up in a landfill".

Enough said. Just visit Throw Place and spread the word.

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