Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Is the Arctic Oceon Changing its Direction of Circulation?

If I pretended to have any knowledge of Oceanography I would be a fraud.

So I'll let people who do have expertise speak.

The following articles make disturbing reading and bring to mind the scene in The Day After Tomorrow when the temperature in the North Atlantic suddenly changes and triggers a major climatic event. Science fiction, I know, but if you read the following articles from Climate Ark, you will see firstly the dramatic extent to which the Arctic Ocean is melting and affecting life in Manitoba, Canada; secondly, the evidence that this is allowing more water in from the Atlantic and is thereby affecting the flow of the water around the Arctic Ocean; and thirdly, the evidence that suggests an ocean circulation collapse has been triggered in the North Atlantic.

It's grim reading - in an inconvenient sot of way.

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