Sunday, February 17, 2008

Little Brother is Watching You

The prospect of friends (or enemies) identifying your exact location in real time came a step closer this week with the launch of new social networking site Gypsii, which allows users to share their exact whereabouts via their mobile phones, effectively using them as tracking devices.

The site has near global coverage and allows users to upload images, text, videos and audios from and about anywhere in the world in real time. The software also lets users find people, places and events in their local area.

The application is compatible with Facebook, so expect lots of integrations of Gypsii into the former, although the software is currently only available on higher-spec phones.

Location-based services based on mobile phones were spectacularly displayed last summer when Real Time Rome was trialled in the Italian capital, allowing people to see on giant screens and on the Internet the real time movements the the city's population via their mobiles. The link has some spectacular images of the experiment.

There's no doubt that location-based social networking is here to stay.

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