Friday, March 07, 2008

Ethanol News

Several Ethanol stories have been breaking this week:
  • 15-year targets to produce ethanol from waste products will not be met in the US, according to the US Energy Information Administration. Current legislation requires companies to produce 6 billion gallons of biofuels a year by 2022 as an alternative to gasoline.
  • the US Department of Agriculture has signed agreements with US companies worth $55 million to help develop the ethanol industry in the Philippines.
  • President Bush - who famously described America as "addicted to oil" has expressed concern over the rising price of corn and other food stuffs as crops are increasingly being used for ethanol production and their value rises.
  • The UN World Food Program has urged Europe to give more thought to its biofuels policy and targets. As previously reported, EU targets on biofeuls are said to be generating land grabs in parts of Asia and Africa, along with human rights abuses and the emergence of large monocultures that are damaging local food production in developing countries.
  • Meanwhile, supporters of biofuel are busy promoting Fields of Fuel, a new film extolling biofuels as the answer to American energy security. An alternative view can be found here.

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