Friday, March 21, 2008

Generation P - Which Blog Service Should I Use?

Generation P - the publishing generation - may prove to be the term that sticks as a description of those seeking to maximize the opportunities available on the Internet for producing and promoting original creative content.

I'm planning on posting a number of items about self-publishing, starting with an introduction to the different blog platforms available.

The University of Southern California journalism school has published this useful table comparing the leading blog platforms side by side, enabling you to compare features and costs (if any).

A great place to start the journey in self-publishing.

Also, if you like a particular platform but want a different look to the blog, try blogger templates which provides a range of free templates for your blog.

They're very easy to use:
  • preview
  • select
  • download
  • upload to your blog hosting site.

Even I could do it.

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