Friday, May 30, 2008

NHS Faces the Challenge of Carbon Reduction

The NHS has produced a Carbon Reduction Strategy for England, highlighting how Europe's largest employer creates CO2 and what it needs to do to reduce it.

The study, which was created in partnership with the Stockholm Environment Institute, concludes that:
  • Procurement (obtaining medicines, equipment and office resources) is the largest area of carbon production - accounting for 59% of carbon emissions
  • Building energy use accounts for 22% of emissions
  • The NHS generated 3.2% of England's total CO2 emissions in 2004
The reports recommendations are:
  • The production of a strategic approach to travel plans within the NHS. Derriford Hospital in Plymouth is cited as providing an effective example of such a plan.
  • Targeting wastage of pharmaceuticals
  • Sub-metering building energy
The report covered all NHS estates and activities in England.

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