Sunday, June 22, 2008

American Torture - the Evidence Together in One Place

Juan Cole at Informed Comment has brought together a number of reports and articles on the reality of torture by American forces.

Highlights of this excellent resource include:

  • interviews with torture victims, including 66 released from Guantanamo without charge
  • official medical reports of numerous torture victims
  • documents from the Senate and CIA that indicate that the policy of torture originated in the White House office
  • evidence that many initially arrested and detained in Afghanistan were the victims of personal vendettas prompted by the offer of thousands of dollars of rewards for the capture of suspected Taliban sympathizers
The following video is a taste of what is in Juan Cole's post, which also probes the question, "What now in the legal pursuit of those responsible for the formulation of these policies in contravention of international law?"

An important resource.

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