Monday, September 08, 2008

Broadband, Bandwidth and Video

Some thoughts going round my head this week were sparked by the interesting Radio Four In Business show on Sunday night on the BBC.

Peter Day asks whether the growth of video online is outstripping the capacity of the infrastructure of the web to cope. His conclusion - we'll probably muddle through thanks to fibre optics.

Introduced through the show to Next New Networks a New York-based micro-television company narrowcasting over the Internet for targeted communities. User contributed, ultra niche, NNN's co-founder Herb Scannell describes the fact that half a dozen of his staff don't own TV's and represent the "Internet First" generation of video viewers.

A few loosely related sites I like that may point the way to how the bandwidth will be used up in the coming years:
  • Daily Motion I like the fact you can embed videos directly from here to your blog and that you don't get a YouTube logo in the corner.
  • UStream TV Live, interactive narrowcasting (without the same quality control as Next New networks!). Hamster Live is a personal favourite.
  • Open Source Movies Mostly oldies but lots of goodies. Vintage Woodie Woodpecker included below.

If you like to create as well as watch, the following may be of interest:
  • Eyejot Free Video Mail with nothing to install.
  • Cover it Live Live blogging software with loads of extras, including video. Not open source, unfortunately.

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