Monday, November 17, 2008

Earth to Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry, recently returned from Africa, has left users of Twitter bemused as his recent entries on the micro-blogging social network site have appeared just a little strange.

Advised by an unnamed technical person that he should use an "oddsox group command", the writer and broadcaster has loaded a string of tweets as follows:

stephenfry Ah, got it now. Will do that in future and refrain from overloading you. But was so impressed by your replies I felt it wrong not to share x
stephenfry That's it for the mo. Sorry, someone tweeted me that I should've used a #oddsox group command. Unfamiliar with this, will find out how x
stephenfry RT @AxmxZ @stephenfry Well, odd socks can't all go to the same place, otherwise there'd be paired socks there.
stephenfry RT @iamdaffodils @stephenfry They're not odd, they're just different.
stephenfry RT @zenforlunch @stephenfry The spot in my closet where I keep odd socks is the sad, seedy singles bar of the garment underworld
stephenfry RT @pixel8ted @stephenfry leave them for the odd sock fairy who will hopefully leave a nice coin and not an odd sock fairy poo
stephenfry RT @canisrufus I s'pect it shall be found that dark matter really is, at its core, all oddsox. Then two mysteries shall be solved in one go
stephenfry RT @felix42 @stephenfry, I tend to blame the Large Hadron Collider.
stephenfry RT @mkuplens @stephenfry odd socks stuff the left shoe. even ones the right.
stephenfry RT @AxmxZ @stephenfry Step 1: steal odd socks. Step 2: ???? Step 3: PROFIT! (Step 4: get a job with the banking industry.)
stephenfry RT @madlolscientist Socks are coat hanger larvae. They creep into hidden places for metamorphosis. Never before seen on camera= opportunity!
stephenfry RT @hiraabel @stephenfry odd socks go in the dryer to find their mate or disappear, whichever is their fate
stephenfry RT@ marnanel @stephenfry: I eat them. With fava beans and a nice Chianti.
stephenfry RT @CarrieUff @stephenfry I suspect most are stolen by color-blind gnomes
stephenfry RT @slimejam Wherever they go, I hope they catch whoever is stealing them and lock them up with all the other perpetrators of sox crime
stephenfry RT @jg_rat @stephenfry Your odd socks are in a basket in my spare room.
stephenfry RT @phinnia @stephenfry they are stolen by sock gnomes for their children to live in
stephenfry RT @matildazq @stephenfry Into my sock drawer, I think.

stephenfry RT @DataGoddess @stephenfry depends on how odd the socks are

stephenfry RT @captainsharmie @stephenfry Space. Odd socks are hanging out near the moon, wondering how the hell they got there.

stephenfry RT @qheldar @stephenfry the loondry bin.

stephenfry RT @dragonsinger57 @stephenfry odd socks go into the hozone!!

stephenfry RT @ CallumDawlings et al isn't there a hole in the back of the washing machine that leads to narnia? i think that's where the odd socks go

stephenfry RT ClaireFry @stephenfry the lost sock underworld! Didn't you know that?

stephenfry RT @echoclubhouse if clean, odd socks can be left behind for hotel staff filled with small gifts as though santa had been there.. if dirty..

stephenfry RT @TheAngelus @stephenfry Odd socks go on hands as sock puppets! Duh.

stephenfry RT @knackeredwriter @stephenfry I steal your socks and sell them on Ebay.

stephenfry OK: I'll retweet some of the better explanations of odd-sockery. I'll use RT for retweet ....x

stephenfry Retweeting this from @MCBrennan: "Oddsocks was perhaps the least intimidating Bond villain ever, imho." LMAO x

stephenfry Wowzer @nicole tweeted me this: Uses combinatorics to explain sox offenders, Wouldja bleeve it?

stephenfry I shall print out this oddsox thread & shove it in the face of anyone who dares suggests twitterers are bird-brained. You're all geniuses x

stephenfry Got diverted from packing duties by Gmail's new video chat. Damnably impressed. BTW, where do odd socks go? x

You get the general idea, anyway.

Stephen Fry's Twitter profile is here. in case you were wondering.

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