Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Plot Thickens: Greens Buy Land at Heathrow

Environmental activists, including some members of the Green Party, have completed the purchase of a plot of land adjacent to London's Heathrow Airport as a way of hindering attempts by the British Airport Authority to extend the airport through the construction of an additional runway.

Purchasers, who completed the transaction on Monday, include impressionist Alastair McGowen and actor Emma Thompson.

The move seems to caught the imagination of many green sympathisers, with the UK Green Party reporting over 5,000 individuals signing up online to support the initiative by Wednesday morning.

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The plot is located just to the south of the proposed runway and within the proposed area that the airport would expand into if a third runway were to be constructed and is represented on the map by a spanner (get it??)

The new land owners have announced their plans to use every legal means to oppose the airport expansion, including giving evidence at the planning inquiry, resisting the compulsory purchase of the land and "if necessary, we will stand with the community of Sipson and stop the bulldozers." The village of Sipson consists of 700 houses plus schools and businesses that would be demolished if the expansion were to go ahead.

The move follows a "Climate Rush" event at Heathrow's Terminal One on Monday when up to 1,000 activists entered the terminal and staged a 96-minute protest, highlighting the view that there are only that many months left before climate change becomes irreversible and cataclysmic.

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