Monday, May 04, 2009

Hazel Blears as Labour Party Weather Guage

When Communities Secretary Hazel Blears publicly criticises her government's communication strategy, you know things are bad.

Ms Blears is the member of the cabinet most likely to be wheeled out into television studios to defend the government when it faces a range of unpopular issues. I've seen her defend the indefensible on numerous occasions, from the invasion of Iraq to the abolition of the 10 pence tax band. She is asked to do so because of her loyalty and professionalism, even though she may personally disagree with a specific policy.

So when the MP for Salford feels it necessary to write an article critical of the government, it's a legitimate assumption for outsiders to make that things are pretty dire in the senior ranks of the Labour Party.

Let's hope the general election is sooner rather than later so that the electorate themselves can have their say on the Brown (and Blair) years.

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