Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Revolution Begins - in the Kitchen?

Enjoyed Robert Waldrop's post on Cultivating a Local Food System.

His six steps for ensuring local food stability are:

(1) preparing meals from basic ingredients

(2) frugal supermarket shopping

(3) gardening

(4) food storage

(5) home preservation of food

(6) buying local foods

His blog also includes more information on point 1 - preparing meals from basic ingredients and includes a link to this rather helpful site on making bread in five minutes. Apparently it's all to do with the no-knead method and it's not as complicated as I have always believed.

To the work surface. Hasten the glorious day.

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CathyKnit said...

You can do it! Just imagine if everyone started making their own bread...or small towns and neighborhoods went back to having little bakeries with real bakers, real ingredients, kind smiles and thoughtful service. G.K. would approve. To your health!

atlanticwriter said...

I'll keep you posted.