Thursday, June 18, 2009

UK Global Warming Report: Acknowledging the Tipping Point?

The UK Global Warming Report has, out of the blue, taken the climate change discussion forward in one disturbing leap.

Whereas many within the environmental movement have argued long and hard for significant reductions in greenhouse gases - as preventative measures to reduce the risk of global warming - the report assumes such warming will continue to get worse and focuses on the realities of what will probably happen to the climate in the UK over the coming decades.

I reported on this blog 15 months ago that James Lovelock, creator of the Gaia theory, was predicting then that the world had already passed the tipping point of widespread environmental degradation and that significant environmental collapse was highly probable within 20 years (make that less than 19 now).

The UK report, released today, assumes significant climate change and offers a range of possible scenarios for the UK based on the latest and best scientific models.

None of which should make us apathetic about seeking significant reductions in greenhouse gases now. After all, we want to try and see the "best case" scenarios rather than the worst ones.

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