Friday, November 13, 2009

More on Police and the (Social) Media

Following yesterday's post about the refusal of a local paper to sign an indemnity form with Essex Police, which would restrict the paper's freedom to use a story in a way other than that proscribed by the force, two other related stories appeared on the radar.

First, the Met have started to request that images held in external databases showing officers with their number badges covered should be removed and not used. The Evening Standard describes this move as an attempt to "rewrite history".

Second, blogger Simon Collister claims to have received an "aggressive" voicemail from Dick Fedorcio, Director of Public Affairs and Corporate Communications at the Metropolitan Police, asking him to contact him if he planned on blogging about the Met in the future.

"He advised me, in a rather intimidating fashion, that if I planned on blogging about the Met again I should give him a call in advance."

I'm not easily shocked. But today, I am.

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