Sunday, February 28, 2010

Reflecting on Copenhagan

“In a single day, in a single space, a spectacle was played out in front of a disbelieving audience of people who had read and understood the stark warnings of humanity’s greatest scientific minds. And what they witnessed was nothing less than the very worst instincts of our species articulated by the most powerful men who ever lived.

At the forefront of the future: we cannot leave it to the politicians to figure it out and take the lead. Never before is there a need to re-think and re-engineer the way things get done, in the UK. Low carbon community groups have a tremendous role to play but will need to think much wider and more deeply than simply emission reduction and renewables. We need to think about how and from where we obtain our food, how we manage waste, where our water comes from, our approach to “work”, how we deal with the need to travel, how we manage health care, education and welfare and much more. One thing which is clear is that we do not have the time to gently bring every last person on board as nice as that would be: we cannot wait until the yawning chasm appears and for the final few to look into it ... and understand."

Richard Pagett, Low Carbon Communities Network

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