Thursday, May 13, 2010

Amid Much Gentle Nodding of Heads, Middle England Gets Back to Work and Prepares for the World Cup

Reports of the potential collapse of western civilisation following the election of a hung Parliament have been greatly exaggerated.

There seems to be a noticeable tone of tacit acceptance in the air surrounding the current political settlement - albeit tempered with huge increases in reported applications for membership of the Labour Party following Gordon Brown's dignified resignation speech.

The constructive tone that the leaders of both the winning parties have sought to convey has no doubt helped to create this mood of acceptance. Though the events of the last few days have been unprecedented, they have not been tumultuous.

Indeed. it appears that some from across the political spectrum have things to cheer about in the government's policy package. Immigration caps, scrapping ID cards and ring fenced NHS spending combine with the most radical constitutional and electoral reforms for a century.

All very orderly. All very British.

Roll on South Africa......

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