Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Inception: Emotional Hit

Having only just got round to seeing Inception, I loved the intensity of the film and was genuinely entertained by its energy, imagination and visual power. It was a treat to watch a film that was so "seeable" as well as to follow a storyline that was gripping and original.

Although writer-director Christopher Nolan has come up with an original and well-worked concept film I appreciated the deferential nods to Matrix (in the zero gravity fight scene in the hotel corridor) and 2001 (such as when Fischer finally meets his dying father in the sanitized, green-tiled room). Production values also resonate in parts, unsurprisingly, with Nolan's earlier Batman Begins. The white-clad soldiers shooting each other in the snow scene, of course, is straight out of On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Personally, I don't see the film as masterpiece, but do agree with Mark Kermode that it is "brilliant".

Beyond the core idea (that, through technology, people can enter other people's dreams), there was a limited development of the philosophy and ethics of the concept (a contrast in this regard with 2001). Dom and Mal Cobb's experience of life in limbo should, however, be a warning to other lovey-dovey couples of the risks involved in being too hippy-trippy, especially when there are children who need looking after!

A great film. Get the DVD. And watch out for trains next time you're in a car chase.

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