Monday, August 23, 2010

Is Marriage Equality Comprable to Racial Equality?

One of the arguments advocated in favour of same sex marriage is that the right inherent in such an arrangement is analogous to the right of people to receive equal treatment under the law regardless of their race or ethnicity.

Brian Brown, Executive Director of America's National Organization for Marriage, takes a different view:

"It is about a profound love and respect for an institution that the government did not create; an institution that predates churches, governments ...; an institution that brings together the two great halves of humanity – male and female.....

"I believe that this fight is the beginning of a new civil rights movement, and I don't say that in any shallow way.....

“A lot of African-American leaders … are tired of their struggle being hijacked by those who are attempting to use the civil rights movement to redefine marriage.....

“Marriage is not based upon race.... So trying to compare same-sex marriage to overturning laws against interracial marriage is comparing apples to oranges.”


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