Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mark Kennedy, ACPO and Global Open

The Mark Kennedy story reveals some murky links between sections of the police, who have infiltrated activist groups on the political left and within the environmental movements, and global firms who hire private security companies to spy on such activists.

The Guardian has a lot of information on the story, including some background on one such firm, Global Open. Their registered business address is 10 Springpark Drive, Beckenham, Kent. It's the house with the blue door.

I don't suppose the owners object to such information being shared publicly. They are in the freedom of information business, after all. In fact, the focus of Global Open, according to their website is gathering and sharing with their clients information  on people involved in "activism" such as "Environmental issues; Anti-corporatism; Anti-globalisation."

Follow up:

Fitwatch, based on a report from Indymedia,  today carries a picture of who it claims to be a second undercover police officer operating deep within groups of environmental activists in Leeds. The officer is named as Lyn Watson. 

Meanwhile, the Guardian today claims that a third officer has been revealed, having infiltrated a group of around 20 anarchists in Cardiff.  Fitwatch also names the officer as Mark Jacobs and carries a photo.

Clearly there are major questions that need addressing about the policy of police infiltration of political and environmental groups. 

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