Monday, October 24, 2011

Storm Brewing: Kenya, Somalia, Uganda and America

I'm nervous for Kenya, whose troops have for the last week been pursuing an aggressive intervention into neighbouring Somalia to hunt down Islamic militants from the al-Shabaab group, some of whom are believed to be behind a series of recent kidnappings and murders in the Kenya boarder area.

US forces are supporting the Kenyan incursion, with an American drone attack today killing 44 people and wounding 63 others in southern Somalia. 

US forces have also recently been sent to Uganda by Presidential decree, apparently to help combat the insurgent LRA in the north of the country. It seems that their presence will add support to US anti-terrorist operations in the horn of Africa.

Al-Shabaab will of course fight back, so the fear is for terror attacks in Nairobi and Mombasa as retaliation for the recent incursions.

I can't see it ending well. 

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