Saturday, September 01, 2012

More Oppressive Nonsense from People of Faith

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Those ignorant Christians have been at it again, this time discovering a potential breakthrough in the battle against malaria.

As reported, Professor Kelly Chibale of the University of Cape Town leads an African research team which has discovered a compound which may block transmission of the parasite from person to person. 

Professor Chibale, who is also Director of the South African Medical Research Council, says of the breakthrough: 

'Our team is hopeful that the compound will emerge from rigorous testing as an extremely effective medicine for malaria - a disease that accounts for 24 per cent of total child deaths in sub-Saharan Africa.'

South Africa's Minister of Science and Technology, Naledi Pandor, describes the discovery as 

"a significant victory in the battle to alleviate the burden of disease in the subcontinent."

Professor Chibale is a member of the multi-racial Jubilee Community Church in Cape Town.

Christians have long been at the forefront of similar de-humanising and oppressive developments, including:
  • the origins of modern nursing, originating in the churches of the Roman empire, and developed through the work of Christian philanthropists in the nineteenth century
  • the abolition of slavery in the C19 lead by British and American evangelical Christians
  • the leadership of the civil rights movement in the United States by, among others, the Rev Martin Luther King
  • the prominent role played by Christian NGOs in a range of development issues, including the abolition of debt among the world's poorest countries (The Jubilee Campaign)

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Anonymous said...

Wow - I can't believe I haven't heard about this before?! So encouraging to see Christians at the forefront of scientific discovery, especially when it has a clear and direct link to alleviating such immense suffering. The Olympic opening ceremony reminded me of how much we as British Citizens have to be proud of is thanks to the men and women faith who stood up for what they believed in - even against significant opposition. Like you say, the abolition of slavery, modern nursing, and equal rights, are just a few... but man, what an impact! It's challenging stuff, but in this generation we're very much in need of being challenged - and inspired. Great blog.

Al Shaw said...

We've certainly got some good role models who've gone before.

Thanks for commenting Juliet.