Saturday, October 06, 2012

Turkey-Syria Boarder Clash: a NATO issue?

Clashes in recent days between Syrian and Turkish ground troops in the boarder region near the Turkish village of Guvecci have the potential to turn an internal Syrian conflict into a regional nightmare. 

Journalist Ashin Ratanshi appears to be suggesting in this interview with Russia Today that he thinks the US may be involved behind the scenes, urging Turkey to take military action against the Assad regime.

Today's decision by the Turkish Parliament to authorise action for a period of one year followed the landing of a single shell some 50 meters on the Turkish side of the boarder. It landed some distance from the village, and resulted in no injuries. 

As a NATO member, Turkey will be aware of the treaty doctrine that "an attack on a single member is considered an attack on them all." Interpreted literally, the recent skirmishes could provide some legal justification for US-supported action against Syria.


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