Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Islam with Everything


It's everywhere.

I cannot remember a day in the last year when the national news in the UK has not carried a story about Islam or Moslems. This week we are told of plans for the construction of Europe's biggest mosque in London, next to the 2012 Olympic Park. Kneeling capacity will be 40,000.

Christianity, by contrast, is rarely mentioned in the UK press or covered by the BBC.

In fact, top of the BBC's Christian web site this week is news of a forthcoming major television series for the Summer. The Miracles of Jesus had me quite interested at first. "This major BBC ONE series brings to life the miracles of Jesus, using brand new photographic and CGI techniques to examine them in their 1st Century context" says the blurb. So far, so good, I thought.

Then I read the name of the presenter and I already knew the angle the series will take. Although an excellent journalist with a proven and professional track record of quality reporting from around the world, this particular presenter will not be able to interpret the miracles of Jesus as proofs of the divinity of Jesus for one simple reason: as a Moslem, Rageh Omaar would be making a blasphemous statement and he will not do so.

Funny thing, political correctness.


Faisal said...

Well why is Christianity not being reported as much as should in the UK? The simple reason is that from my point of view, people in this country (UK) could not care less about that faith. Hardly anyone practices it. Many churches in my area have closed their doors because of a lack of congregation. From my view it is an institution that doesn't attract interest.

atlanticwriter said...

The pattern of church growth and decline in the UK is a varied one.

On the one hand, many historic denominations are struggling to grow or even remain static. Meanwhile, newer churches are emerging, some growing to considerable sizes - see the links.

Of course, Britain is not a Christian country and we should not confuse the faith of those who hold to the teachings of Christ with the wider British culture, which is predominantly secular. The two are very different.

My point in writing the post was not to plead for special treatment for Christianity on the news but to comment on the way that Islam is so widely represented, often at the expense of Christian perspectives on a range of issues. This is disproportionate, in my opinion.

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

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