Thursday, August 17, 2006

Return of the Silly Season

Recent goings-on in the Middle East - not to mention plots in the skies over the Atlantic - have filled the world's media with plenty of significant news items to fill the usual quiet month of August.

In protest at this development, I am hereby launching (for one week only) a set of postings on traditional silly season stories in the hope that their presence will lead to a significant reduction in international tension.

Wild cats and other beasts prowling the countryside are a particular favourite of mine at this time of year.

To that end, I submit to you the story of the mystery beast of Maine, recently killed by a car near the town of Turner.

Part-dog, part-wolf, this unfortunate and as yet unidentified animal has apparantly been the source of local folk tales for a generation.

Coming soon...the latest sighting of the beast of Bodmin.

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