Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Practical Action for Your Local Environment

I've found a great site.

Freecycle is a place where local residents can list anything that they want to give away. Others can place wanted ads.

The only rule is that everything has to be free.

It's a great way of keeping household items out of landfill sites and developing the social economy.

So far, I've found good homes for our fridge-freezer, a central heating flue, some spare planks of wood and am hopeful for a taker for our piano.

All sites are local so it's an ideal vehicle for urbanites wanting to do their bit to recycle items which are sometimes difficult to know what to do with. With freecycle, you know that someone else will use it.

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Gordon Simpson said...

Its a nice idea alright! An alternative is craigslist - they have a free section. I recently furnished an apartment in Vancouver nearly for free using this. You just need a car in most cases for pickup.