Thursday, October 04, 2007

Colin Moffat Loses His Objectivity

Writing on the BBC sport website, BBC reporter Colin Moffat wrote the following about the attack made by a Celtic fan on AC Milan keeper Dida during tonight's Champions League match:

"...the home team could be in hot water with Uefa, although the Brazilian appeared to suffer little more than a cheeky slap."

Is it really acceptable for a journalist to write of a potentially life-threatening incident in such flippant terms?

A football player who is confronted on the field of play by an angry fan is in a very vulnerable position. He does not know whether he will be punched, knocked unconscious or stabbed, nor why the stewards have allowed this person onto the pitch.

Describing this incident as "a cheeky slap" can only lend oblique acceptance to a practice that has no place in the modern game or in a civilized society.

In my view, Celtic should suffer loss for this incident and Mr Moffat should be more careful with his words.

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