Thursday, December 18, 2008

Paul Ince - Not a Role Model

I first heard it said a few weeks ago on Radio Five Live and it annoyed me then.

Paul Ince's career should not have anything to do with whether black managers "make it" in the Premiership in the future.

This idea that Ince in some way represents black managers (current or future) is a nasty piece of racism, a throwback to the United States after the Civil War when emancipated black slaves were told by white elites that they had to act in a way that "proved" to the white majority that they could become sucessful professionals and law abiding citizens.

No-one applies this insidious logic to managers of any other nationality. It rests on the unspoken assumption that black men "can't" and then invites individuals to prove the assumption wrong.

Nasty business.

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