Thursday, January 22, 2009

John Cleese Charges for his Video Casts

It's a different but understandable take on the "self-as-brand-and-media-generator-and -publisher-and-entertainment-entrepreneur" story.

It's just that I hadn't come across it before. Charging for video casts, that is. One dollar a cast is the going rate on John Cleese's home page.

Fair enough, I suppose.

There is also a "best of" free version available once a week with ads (for toothpaste and property in Florida, allegedly). You can follow the great man for free on Twitter, of course.

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1 comment:

Steve Smith said...

It's a bit odd though and suggests he's a bit desparate! People want stuff for free - I would be surprised if he couldn't make money out of these in other ways (e.g. via advertising). It's probably why you haven't seen this before - the most successful VOD content tends to be free and paid for in other ways.