Thursday, January 22, 2009

Climate Change - it hasn't gone away

While the world has been focused on events in Washington, the following climate-related events have been playing out around the world in the last week:
  • 30,000 people have been caught up in severe flooding in the southern Phillipines, described by many as "the worst in living memory." Local bloggers are blaming deforestation, over-development and global warming as contributory causes.
  • Madagascar has been caught between Tropical Storm Eric and Cyclone Fenale, with areas of the country being lashed by winds of up to 250 km/hour. Over 60,000 houses in one region alone have lost their roofs. Although an annual occurance, the storms of 2008 were particularly devestating, producing up to 6,000 casualties.
  • Brunei has experienced monsoon rains and flooding this month. One blogger states in imperfect English: funny that we never seem to encounter these problem a decade ago. Either we are sinking or that global warming is taking its toll.
  • 8,000 people have been evacuated in Sarawak (Malaysia) as a result of severe flooding.
  • 50,000 people have been evacuated in Indonesia as flooding has hit 13 provinces and claimed the lives of 14 people. Jakarta has been under up to two metres of water. Bali has also been flooded.
  • Eight people have died and 10,000 made homeless in a week of flooding in Fiji.

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