Friday, January 23, 2009

The Dude's Got Style

Wow! What is that I'm suddenly breathing?

Oh yeah, it's the breath of fresh air blowing from America.

I am liking day two:

The man is

  • closing Guantanamo
  • banning torture
  • affirming trial by jury and the rule of law
  • stopping waterboarding
  • closing CIA secret prisons

And what's that squeaking noise I can hear?

It must be Dick Cheney riding round in angry circles in his wheelchair.

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Steve Smith said...

I think it was on his fourth day that Obama lifted the ban on giving federal funds to international groups that promote or perform abortion. It is also expected that he will lift restrictions on human embryo stem cell research this week. Style has its limits.

atlanticwriter said...


I'm not an uncritical fan.