Friday, January 23, 2009

More of This Please

Why don't governments pour billions into lots of projects like this one?


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Steve Smith said...

Inspiring, but government funding doesn't always work well for the recipients. As with IMF loans etc, there are nearly always strings attached - conditions that may not match the goals of the beneficiaries - that are politically motivated. Governments are often reluctant to be seen to favour anything that some (influential) others might see as 'undeserving'. Thus, things like the lottery fund (although problematic in other ways) and non-government bodies that hand out cash (even though this may originally come from the taxpayer via government) can work well for both government and recipients. Conditions will still be attached, but without concern for the political implications that governments face. Also, the video demonstrates the independence of the co-operative. Accepting government handouts directly can help perpetuate (though not necessarily) dependency upon the state. Like some of those who kept the allotments in NYC, much of the power and impact of what these people are doing comes from them 'doing it for themselves'.

atlanticwriter said...

Yeah, you're right.

It was just a throwaway comment because I'm looking at governments on both sides of the Atlantic sinking billions into failed businesses (banks, car manufacturers, etc).

I know really that groups such as this co-operative only work best when they are self-funded, maybe with a bit of start up help.

Steve Smith said...

Yes, these aren't criticisms of what you write, but just 'engagements'- it's a breath of fresh air engaging with a Christian who thinks deeply about some of these issues.

Steve Smith said...

that sounded really patronising - sorry!