Sunday, April 12, 2009

Is Telecommuting Taking Root in America?

Salt Lake City in Utah is emerging as a one of the top locations in America for telecommuting according to its
local paper.

The practice has been technically possible for years but has met entrenched resistance in many companies, fearful of reduced productivity by staff left to their own devices at the end of a web cam.

A combination of the need to cut costs and improvements in technology may be behind the growth of the phenomenon stateside.

If it really takes hold in a big way, we can be sure it will do so over here in a year or two.

Any thoughts from your own experience?

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Remote Revolution said...

I am a firm believer that a widescale shift toward telecommuting can help alleviate many of the woes we're facing right now. Environmentally, economically, socially--I am thrilled for Salt Lake City and its increase in the number of remote workers and feel that eventually, with enough positive action surrounding the movement, more rural areas will get on board. It will be a tough change at first, but all great historical movements caused some growing pains. Cheers to you, glad I came across your post.

atlanticwriter said...

Thanks Remote.

I agree with you about the environmental and social benefits of telecommuting.

It's always difficult to predict long term trends, but I sense there is an appetite out there for a fresh look at the work-home issue.

Great blog by the way with lots of depth.