Sunday, April 12, 2009

Socialism in America?

The current economic downturn is causing a measure of debate within industrialised countries on the fundamental nature of the economic system we all live in.

Against this backdrop, a recent poll by Ramussen Reports claims that 33% of Americans under the age of 30 are in favour of socialism as an economic system. The poll, interestingly, did not define socialism (or capitalism.)

At the same time, in a move reminiscent of the McCarthy era, Congressman Spencer Bachusa claims to posess a secret list of 17 House members who are socialists. The fact that a politicain could imagine that such a claim would cause shock indicates how entrenched anti-socialist views are in some sections of the American body politic. It may also indicate confusion over definitions of terms: is the Congressman attacking the European model of social democracy or is he confusing this with reviolutionary Marxism?

Meanwhile, in another take on the issue of socialism in America, there is an interesting review here by Seth Sandronsky on Michael Yates book "Why Unions Matter."

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